MattbooksWorking with pupils, students and or more mature learners, Matt Wingett will take the class through the major elements of storytelling, showing how to develop an idea, listen to the voice inside and produce a polished story with clear plot points and character drivers.

Too often, novice writers get caught up with an idea which in itself is not a story but a milieu. Matt shows writers how to start using that milieu to start making stories happen. He will look at how character is the driver that makes a story make sense, and how events and plot points within the story hinge not just on action, but on ensuring a true psychological interior for each character.

Matt will use the stories of established writers to highlight how a story is constructed, and will pay attention to language, tone and style to ensure that the read “works” as a finished work of art.

This workshop is both workmanlike – looking at the nuts and bolts of story production – and artistic, letting the imagination soar.