One fine sunny day somewhere toward the end of June 1882, a young doctor by the name of Arthur Conan Doyle stepped on to Clarence Pier off a steam packet from Plymouth.

It was the start of a long association with the town, in which the most important strands of Conan Doyle’s life would begin.

While living in Southsea Conan Doyle would begin writing short stories while working as a GP, start getting them published, and eventually come up with his greatest creation – none other than Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes Fest celebrates Conan Doyle’s life in the town, crime, fiction, Victoriana and Portsmouth, with specially written stories, songs and poems in an evening of entertainment.

There will be duelling, top hats, Steampunk goggles, cups of tea, beer, a lightshow and a prize for the best dressed Victorian.

We would love you to be there. The line-up is drawing on some of the extraordinary talent that lives in the city today, including internationally published authors, poets, artists and musicians, and we know you’ll have a fabulous time with us.


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