Public speaking workshop with Matt Wingett – 27th January 2019


A day-long public speaking workshop that will help you overcome your fears so you can get your message across and dazzle while you do it!

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Venue: Tobo Books Office, 6 The Oakwood Centre, Downley Road, Havant, PO9 2NP (map below)

Dates available: 27th January 2019

Time: 10am – 5pm

For the New Year, join me in a one-day workshop that will teach you the techniques of public speaking – and help you overcome your fears, too.

This year, I’m running the same course on 2 separate dates, so take your pick from 27th January on this page, or 3rd February, here.

Please do book early, as last year’s courses sold out quickly.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to feel relaxed and easy in front of an audience, lose your self-consciousness and really do justice to yourself and your ideas, but found the whole idea of public speaking daunting.

Maybe you dread the idea of being interviewed, leading a talk or simply reading your work in public performance.

Or maybe you’re confident about getting on stage, but have wondered how to sharpen what you do, to really make it work and make yourself a more powerful and effective speaker and performer.

This public speaking workshop is your way to enter the New Year in the way you want to go on. It is limited to only 15 places.

The morning session will be all about getting into the right state of mind, dealing with nerves and overcoming deeper seated fears, if you have them. But don’t miss out, even if you are confident – this session is about emotional states and how to use them. It will change the expectation you have of yourself, collapse negative associations with public speaking and put you in charge of yourself. It’s also going to be fun.

The afternoon session will look closely at the techniques of public speaking. This will include the nature and structure of your material, projection, rhythm, physical stance, mental state, awareness of audience, voice production and more.

There will also be a section on how to handle interviews – especially the nature of responding spontaneously to inputs, in, say, an interview while remaining unflappable.

The course will comprise group exercises, one-to-one work, role play and exercises to get your mind, voice and body working for you. It will also include looking at your material to evaluate how to optimise it for public performance.

The whole day will be designed to bring you to a point at which you are comfortable with public speaking and have a set of skills to apply on the stage. You will not be turned into a public speaking clone, but will be helped find your own voice so you are comfortable with your own idiom.

Please note: bring a short two minute piece of your own writing to deliver to camera first thing. We’ll then film you again at the end of the day, so you can see the difference and take home what you’ve learned.

Places will be limited to 15 people maximum. Please book now to avoid disappointment.

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How To Get There:

The Oakwood Centre is situated on an industrial estate in the north of Havant, about a 15 minute walk from the railway station.

There will be plenty of parking available, just come in through the red gates on the corner of Downley Road and Stanbridge Road and park up.

The office is just inside the red gates on the left, through the right hand door and up the stairs.


Timings, Food and Drink:

Hot water, tea, coffee and biscuits will be available throughout the day.

There will be a break of one hour for lunch. You may want to bring a packed lunch, since there are no food establishments nearby, or you may want to travel into Havant centre to get a bite there.


As well as your 2 minute piece, I will send out an email to attendees asking some questions to help me tailor the course to you. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pen and paper, ipad, or other new-fangled thingy you rely on as if it is food – or if not that, then a super-powered memory!

I look forward to seeing you there!


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